I don’t think anybody is upset that TastyTreat and KRNE teamed up again for another tune. This time the two acts came together on a remix of “Badman,” originally created by the efforts of two other acts, Autoerotique and Max Styler. Trapheads will flock to this free download, but what makes this track better than your average is that it centers around one style, and works in others as things progress along, with there even being a short phrase of jersey clubesque vibes. Near the end the guys get more into the future sound and things end on a peaceful, and less gangsta note. This free release is helping to close out the year with a smash for these acts, who are looking to make a run in 2015. If I were you, after I download this jam, I’d make sure I follow up on each act’s social media accounts so I don’t miss out on any goodies in the future. Because, they’re surely coming.

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