The end of the year awards are in full force but luckily, amongst the over saturated lists, we have an award that actually counts. Pete Tong and a panel of judges including Eric Prydz, Danny Howard and various representatives from dance music media came to the executive decision that Caribou took the crown this year.

Caribou, otherwise known as Dan Snaith, performed his Essential Mix back in October which was jammed pack with new tunes, old classics and tracks from way out in left field.

I’ll be first to admit that I hadn’t heard much of Caribou before his Essential Mix but after listening to in it’s entirety, I can understand why he won. The essential mix has always been the fore runner in exposing new music and trends to the world and when deciding the best one of the year, you must keep that in mind. It’s not who performed the most “bangin” set or the one that “would be great on the main stage”, it’s the guy who lays the foundation for a new way of thinking about electronic music. Caribou meets that criteria with flying colors.

When describing his mix, Caribou stated:

“There’s tracks in here I’ve been playing in my DJ sets for the last little while, there’s some of the music from my new album and there’s sections inspired by playing live with the band,” Snaith said at the time. “Maybe that’s why the music on this mix is so diverse, but for people who’ve seen me DJ before, that won’t be a surprise.”

Check out his mix below and congratulations to Caribou!

Source: Inthemix