K Theory, the Bay Area’s favorite bass music trio, has been hard at work to make this holiday season an especially musical one. They announced a few weeks earlier that they would be debuting one new song each day from the 1st of December to Christmas and, so far, they’ve made good on their promise with flying colors. Maybe we’re a bit biased, but this is really the best gift an audiophile could receive and we’re truly excited to premiere their 22nd track, ‘Remember Me’.

Featuring the silky, smooth vocals of Parker Ighile, this tune has an undeniable groove to it. It progresses from a simply structured intro into a beautifully written lyrical breakdown brimming with sub-bass and topped with synth-wave sprinkles. Each element is then carefully stripped away and re-introduced as the track moves toward its climax, making the drop feel new and familiar simultaneously. What we love about this track is that it is driving without be overwhelming and that each sound perfectly compliments the next; it’s a guaranteed head-bobber. K Theory definitely isn’t slacking on the quality of these gift tracks and that is both impressive and exciting. Check out the full stream of ‘Remember Me’ after the jump and cop the free download on K Theory‘s Soundcloud!


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