What started out as a statement to critics has turned into a charitable act. Many artists these days who transform their sound receive comments from “passionate fans” – ones who are disappointed in new music and hope for an artist to return to the music they used to make. In the early stages of tyDi‘s career, he was lauded for his abilities as a trance producer, but has since expanded his horizons, as evidenced by his latest album ReDefined. Instead of engaging in a useless internet war with fans, tyDi decided to show fans that he could still make the music that made him popular. According to a Facebook post from last month:

“I’ve already started work on an EP, a ‘trance’ EP. I’m going to put myself back into the headspace of 2008, and I’m going to bring you a few new tunes that are completely in that style. The music that some of you loved me for. Songs like ‘You Walk Away’. ‘Good Dream’ and ‘Vanilla’.” 

As the project took shape, tyDi immediately decided to not just make an EP, but to give it meaning. The Promise EP is a five-track project of mostly brand new material (with the exception of  “The Prestige”). All proceeds go to Pencils of Promise. Those familiar with Electric Family know that sales of 3lau‘s bracelet also benefit this wonderful charity, which builds schools in underdeveloped countries.

“I looked at a huge amount of charities for this project; the options were endless. I’ve seen POP’s success and I was impressed. I just connected with their passion and felt like it was right.”

Just a few days after announcing the EP, producers and vocalists signed on to collaborate with tyDi, including The Ready Set and Audrey Gallagher. Together, the team created The Promise EP without any financial support of a record label.

“They’re all my talented friends, that’s how I was able to pull it together so quickly. And of course they raced through it for me because of the nature of this being for charity.”

tyDi has already posted two tracks to his SoundCloud over the past week: “Lay Me Down” ft. Gallagher and “Fold” ft. The Ready Set. The EP also includes “Let the Rain Fall In,” and “Obvious,” a collab with the legendary Dennis Shepard. The EP is currently available for purchase on iTunes, with 100% of the profits going to charity. To learn more about Pencils of Promise, visit their website.