Earlier this year, we saw the release of Spoken Bird‘s debut EP, How Old is the Wind. It was a musical journey, an eclectic hybrid of West coast bass music & glitch mixed with melodic, tribal rhythms. And now, all four original tracks have been re-imagined and re-worked by some of the most talented up & comers in the scene.

Expanding on Spoken Bird‘s original sonic blueprints, How Old is the Wind Remixed features work from Soulular, Dubvirus, and fellow Chillage Records artists Devin Kroes and Elevated Mind. The whole EP drips with sub-bass and psychedelic synth patterns; each track is unique in it’s own way, yet they all contribute equally to the overall vibe and flow of the album. These tunes are lush enough to create their own atmosphere, drawing the listener in with trance-inducing melodies and carrying them through swells of resonant low-end. Take a listen to our favorite track below and and make sure to check out the full EP; if you’re picking up what these artists are laying down, you can grab a copy of your own as a name-your-price download on the Chillage Records Bandcamp.