Nicky Romero is ready to extend his personal brand. After years of successful DJing, Nicky Romero has revealed to a local newspaper that he is seriously considering opening a nightclub in his home town of Veenendaal.

Although Nicky has refrained from elaborating further, the super star DJ has commented on the lack of a proper nightclub in his hometown, and who better to give it to them then their local star?

The opening of the club will not affect Nicky Romero’s music or touring schedule, as he fully intends to keep furthering his musical career. The construction of the club will be to give back to his hometown, as well as building a steady new business that pairs nicely with his own brand.

Nicky Romero isn’t the first DJ to decide on such a move, as several others such as Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano have opened up various nightlife establishments. As these EDM stars continue to get bigger, so do their personal and financial reach.

You can read the local newspaper story here

Update: It appears that the local newspaper Algemeen Dagblad or better known as AD incorrectly quoted Nicky Romero, claiming he would like to open a club. Instead Nicky took to twitter to exclaim that he will be in fact opening a cafe. At this point we are still awaiting confirmation from Nicky’s publicist as to what the Dutch DJ will specifically be opening.

Update 2: According to RTV Nicky Romero will be opening a cafe, you can read more about it here: RTV

Photo Credit: Rukes