For a club that dropped 10 spots on this year’s DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs (not much of a metric, but whatever), I wouldn’t expect a repeat next year.

XS Nightclub of Wynn Las Vegas has just finished up a two-year, $10 million remodel that has put it on par with massive European clubs like Ushuaia and Pacha in Ibiza. The renovations themselves have been just over the past four months, without interrupting your “normally scheduled programming.” Jesse Waits, managing partner of XS and Tryst Nightclubs, partnered up with SJ Lighting for the massive overhaul.

“We knew we had to do it,” says Waits. “A little bit of it was pressure from the DJs. When you travel around the world and go to the likes of Ushuaia and Pacha in Ibiza, they have different technologies that we don’t have.”

The video is way more suspenseful than it needs to be, but make no mistake, this money was put to good use. “The significant additions include a large-scale flame, pyrotechnic and laser system, high-resolution LED video screen upgrades to a new 360-degree DJ booth structure, a comprehensive and seamless new lighting system for the dance floor and outdoor pool area, and a double kabuki drop in front of the booth featuring projection-mapped video content.”


Source: Billboard