If you’ve ever tried to get into production, you’ve probably heard of a man by the name SeamlessR. Stephen O’Leary, as he is more formally referred to, is someone known for his excellent music production tutorials and engaging videos on YouTube.

In just a few days, Jan. 16-17, he will be having a FL Studio Synthesis Master Class that is both free and interactive. Fans of Seamless or those interested to learn more about music production should mark their calenders for the 16-17th from 9am-4mPST. RSVP will be below and sign up is available┬áright now. Given his track record and history, you won’t want to miss this class from SeamlessR.

SeamlessR is slated to discuss topics such as high-level synthesis concepts, principles, and applications. He will also dive into common electronic sound design challenges while covering the four major types of synthesis: subtractive, fm, additive and wave table.

Through his ingenuity and knowledge of FL Studio, SeamlessR will guide viewers through the stock instruments that come with FL Studio (Harmor, Sytrus, Harmless, Sawer, etc) and popular third-party plug-ins.

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