Is Skrillex remixing old Zomboy? Is he making a song that sounds eerily similar to Zomboy’s “Terror Squad”? Why does the first video sound so similar to he and Trollphace’s remix of YOGI and Pusha T’s “Burial”? Or is the powerhouse producer and his friends just jamming out in his studio for a Snapchat he wanted to share with friends and fans alike? These are the questions plaguing Reddit and the blogosphere today after Sonny Moore sent out two Snapchats last night.

We contacted his management to see if they would comment on what exactly these Snapchats were, and even they weren’t sure what was happening:

“We don’t have anything to announce or make an official statement on. We can’t confirm if these are remixes of Zomboy or new originals sadly.”

Take a listen for yourself below and tell us what your guess is:

YOGI ft. Pusha T – Burial (Skrillex and Trollphace remix) sounds like Snapchat #1

Zomboy – Terror Squad sounds like Snapchat #2

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