Dubba Jonny has come a very long way since he first released “UKF Dubstep Tutorial” back in 2010. Even “Not Another UKF Dubstep Tutorial” in 2011. In the past few years, bass artists have been forced to evolve and refine their sound, using new techniques, more innovative sound design and digging even deeper into their creative natures. I’m so happy to say that Dubba Jonny has exceeded absolutely all of my expectations with his debut album The Fire.

I’m even happier to be premiering one of my favorite tracks from the album, “Sending Out” featuring Snoopa. “Sending Out” is the lone DnB track on the album which is how it immediately drew my attention. Listening through the album for the first time, Snoopa’s vocals immediately caught my ear and forced me to listen. Dubba Jonny foregoes a typical rise+drop formula and goes for the simple vocal intro which magnificently accentuates the frenzy and craziness that is the actual drop. The crazy synths and subtle vocal loop make this one of the wildest DnB tracks of the year so far. If this doesn’t start a mosh pit at every show it’s dropped at, I would be very surprised.

The Fire drops on January 21st on Downlink’s label Uplink Audio.

Pre-order the album HERE.