Here we have it, the third single from Hardwell’s impending album United We Are, out a week from today on January 23rd.

The track starts off with the typical house kicks and reverbed vocals, but soon drops into a guitar-drive rock melody that had me totally on the edge of my seat. I don’t normally listen to Hardwell but this had me super pumped to actually hear something more along the lines of my own taste.

While the claps and guitar are super poppy, it’s a sound that I really wouldn’t expect from Hardwell, so I was really excited to finally be able to say that I can rock out to a Hardwell track.

“She’s a dirty bitch and her daddy’s witch who…”

Wait, what?

“And if her boyfriend knew what she makes me do then I’ll be down, down, down…”

Since when did this become a remake of “Scotty Doesn’t Know“?

“No one can find out that I’ve been f*cking Sally…”

Like… I would actually really like this track if it weren’t for the horrendous vocals. For a vocalist “with credits to his name that included no less than David Guetta and Steve Aoki,” I suppose I shouldn’t expect any better. This track is meant to catch your attention and leave you with a vocal hook that sticks in your head; but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I love the poppy guitar. I like the prog/electro drop. I like the dude’s voice even, but the lyrics just make me nauseous.

This will likely be the lowpoint of the album.

You can pre-order United We Are now on iTunes, if you’d like.