When the EDM surge came to America, fans initially united under the genre of progressive house for its uplifting melodies and infectious energy. Trance, like progressive house, makes use of spine-tingling, atmospheric melodies that surface emotions which very few genres can.

Originally starting in trance, Russia’s Arty has seamlessly merged elements of the ethereal and soulful genre with his unmistakeable progressive house style that has an authenticity you can feel. With progressive house gems like his remix of One Republic’s “I Lived” and his single “Night Like This” in 2014, Arty has shown fans that artistry still exists in a genre that seems to have evolved from its roots.

Throughout last year, many sub-genres spawned from all corners of the musical scope as technology and social media exposed new sounds fans had not heard before. The nature of the beast with fans is that they are always looking for something new. Despite this, Arty stuck to his guns, maintaining his genuine sound without compromising his artistic integrity. To analyze this, look at Arty’s latest release, “Night Like This.”

In his record “Night Like This,” Arty combines intricate melodies of various synth styles to produce a symphony of harmonious sounds. The track is not a typical “big room banger” as the drop, although noticeable, is not a sudden, overwhelming explosion of energy – it’s a powerful groove that evokes deep emotion. Arty allows his musicianship to shine, letting his flawless production speak for itself without any added top line for a timeless feel. Although this track was recently released, it was originally created in 2012, and it seems like Arty decided to release it to show where he’s come from musically, and educate the new, younger generation of dance music enthusiasts. Some may think that him releasing “Night Like This” was risky, but it’s just Arty being Arty; staying true to his own sound.

Progressive house will live on as one of dance music’s biggest genres but it is the producers like Arty who bring distinctive elements into their music that will transcend trends. Fans should be excited to see what comes of Arty’s debut album that will be out in 2015 via Interscope/Insomniac Records. His legacy of implementing impeccable artistry into his work can only enhance his progressive image with a full album to represent him as an artist. The world patiently awaits what Arty will bring to the table in 2015.