Everyone knows the tail end of a long weekend is best spent chillin’ out, maxin’, and relaxin’ all cool. So, to help ensure you’re kicking back in sonic style, we’re happy to present you with the soundtrack of your afternoon: the Gotta Go // Don’t Leave EP from Midoca.

Other than the fact he’s from Los Angeles, we don’t know too much about this newcomer on the scene. However, Midoca‘s tunes have a voice of their own and they most definitely speak for themselves. Both tracks on this release are smooth and sultry, the epitome of what you might call ‘slow jams’. Seductive vocal samples, sparkling synths, and a healthy dose of low-end mix and melt together to form a uniquely entrancing audio experience. If you could somehow mesh the styles of Lido and Flume, this is a good idea of what it might sound like.

Check out the full stream of Midoca‘s Gotta Go // Don’t Leave EP after the jump and grab the pay-what-you-can download on his Bandcamp if you’re feelin’ the vibes!


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