It seems Disclosure and Aluna George may be in a spot of legal trouble. The British artists are being sued by songwriter Katie Farrah Sopher, who claims the lyrics to ‘White Noise’, ‘You and Me’, and even the smash-hit ‘Latch’, were her original creations. Sopher is also claiming she wrote the lyrics to Aluna George‘s solo track, ‘Attracting Flies’.

Apparently, the songs use lyrics written in one of Sopher‘s songbooks, which was “stolen by a ‘violent’ ex-boyfriend, Sean Sawyers, in 2009″. Sawyers then handed off the songbook to his contacts in the music industry with no consent from Sopher; as the lyrics were inspired by the abuse she suffered during her time with him, she is seeking £200,000 in damages.

Sawyers denied all allegations, stating:

I am denying all the allegations… There is zero truth to the claims made against me. I never saw the book the claimant mentions… [so] I could not have committed the alleged damages, theft, (and) copyright infringement.

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[Source: Pitchfork]

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