For the first time ever, Excision joins Pegboard Nerds and Mayor Apeshit on Monstercat.

This has been one of the most anticipated tracks for most bassheads since Excision’s 2014 Shambhala mix dropped in September. It was a crazy enough track just in the context of the mix itself, but hearing the track in its entirety like this is life changing, mind altering and body rumbling.

Mayor Apeshit’s lyrics and vocals are good, though my favorite still remains Messinian, and his slightly higher-pitched vocals go along well with the intro until they’re pitched down for the pre-drop hook. The drop itself is chaos incarnate and heavy like sleep paralysis. Though, it’s really the second drop, the DnB breakdown that gets to me. Though Excision is not known for DnB, he has made it before and regularly throws it into his sets, and this one will likely see itself as a mainstay in his sets for a longtime coming.

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