Deadmau5 may be retiring his iconic cube for a brand new multi-million budget stage setup. At a backstage interview with inthemix this month during Australia’s Future Music Festival, Joel Zimmerman hinted at his 5-year plan:  “It’s going to be a solo show; it’s not going to be at a festival or anything. It will be arena only. And it will be a ’360′ show.”

In an interview with Music Feeds, Zimmerman stated that he no longer needs $11 million to develop his show, and inthemix gave an update, saying he was now only $6 million away — numbers which magnify how large-scale this project will be. “As soon as this [Australia and Asia tour] is done, we’re gonna start working on it, because we already received a little over half the funding, so we can just go. It’s not like you have to pay it all upfront; that’s what fuckin’ bank loans are for,” he says.

Details about the setup visuals still remain a secret. “We’ve made some strategic partnerships with companies that are so turbo, five years ahead of the game. I can’t even talk about it yet; it sucks!” expresses Zimmerman.

Zimmerman will devote the remainder of this year to developing his show, and fans can expect to see his new tour towards the end of 2014 or in 2015. Given the innovative technology and creativity he’s incorporated for his mau5cubes, we can’t wait to see what he’ll come up with next!

Source: Music Feeds, inthemix

Photo Credit: WhiteRaverRafting