It broke the hearts of many fans when PandaFunk leader Erick Orrosquieta, better known as Deorro, told the world he would take a step back from touring to focus on his label, his music, and his family. He has, however, played a few shows here and there after the initial announcement, and they’ve proven to be one-of-a-kind performances composed of rigorous energy and overzealous fans. To show his gratitude for the amazing career he’s had so far, the fantastically talented producer and DJ Deorro decided to do something incredibly special for over 9,600 fans in Texas.

Last Friday at the Plaza Sports Center in Rio Grande Valley, Deorro took it upon himself to not only put on one of his incredible shows, but also to pay for every expense of the evening. With nearly ten thousand people in attendance, this just goes to show how genuine and thankful Erick is for all the success he’s enjoyed with the help of his dedicated fans. He took to Facebook to share his thoughts on the night and say something special to fans elsewhere.

9,600+ in attendance. Nothing but endless amazing vibes down in the RGV. Waves of smiles, tremendous energy and so many memories were created. Thank you for joining us for this amazing celebration, fam. We couldn’t have done this without any of you.

Thank you for every single thing,
From all of us at Panda Funk.

Deorro may be cutting DJing out of most of his 2015 plans, but he will be making a stop at this year’s Coachella. What fans can also expect from Deorro this year is new music, a stronger label, and a fuller fanbase.
Photography credit: Rebecca Britt