Ambiance (n.) – How a track surrounds you and fills the space you occupy… it’s a difficult concept to understand, and even more difficult to execute.

“Worldseeker” comes as the next chapter in Orno’s catalogue of wonderfully emotive tracks, and actually marks the beginning of a new story itself.

In a time when everyone is just trying to make the next big single, I really admire Orno for trying to craft a story through his music. I’m used to concept albums from listening to a lot of rock as a little kid (Tommy, anyone?), but having it come out piecemeal is new.

“Worldseeker” is a smooth ride. It’s not an old pinto that lurches and chokes just getting out of the driveway. This is a smooth, refined vehicle with excellent suspension – comfort is maintained throughout the track, even when it begins to accelerate. It’s a minimalist ambient tune that relies very heavily on the melody, so it’s a good thing that the melody is wonderful. This approach likely wouldn’t work with too many other songs, considering the amount of stress put its progression. Even the drop is just a slightly harder kick, with a few glitch elements thrown in.

I would say that “Worldseeker” would best find itself as a prologue to a longer production, rather than any kind of mid-album climax. It’s quite long and drawn out, though in the right context, that could be just the necessary touch.

You should listen to Orno’s other works, as well.