Deadmau5 whipped out all the tricks in the book for his final performance at The Guvernment including his robotic heads, nostalgic playlist and a special 20 minute rendition of Strobe. For the special event, Joel decided to steer away from the habitual laptop/Ableton configuration and instead performed his songs and tracks live with the help of synthesizers straight from his studio.

While the rest of Deadmau5’s set was amazing as usual, the 20 minute extended version of Strobe is what peaked the interest of the internet as everyone has been trying to hunt down a copy of the track for the last 24 hours. Deadmau5 however decided to help out the search by sharing a 20 minute live version that was recorded by a fan:


Although we would have preferred an HD version on Soundcloud, we will settle with the first live version that features vocals from a disconcerted local fan. Check it out below:

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