So NextGen Records has created a SoundCloud account specifically for dubstep… so you know they’re banking on the sound.

Thankfully, they have a couple handfulls of good releases under their belt, including this new original from Bullseye that came out today called “Zenith.”

The track starts out with some pretty cutesy bongos and light synth work and then drops into the build, a delicate lead synth with some subtle cruncy bass synths in behind. Though that quickly gives way to the much heavy and grittier drop, replete with bass growls à la Tucker Kreway. The rhythm of the track is quite bouncy, a nice touch on an otherwise textbook dubstep tune. Second drop is a slight variation on the first’s arrangement, though basically identical in all the ways that matter.

Regardless of its admittedly amateurish nature, much like Tucker Kreway’s first track, “Zenith” sees a lot of potential from Bullseye. You can stream it and get the free download below.