The iconic paper bag is back, and with an EP on the horizon. “Yours Truly” is the first single from the forthcoming Growing Up EP from Mr FijiWiji.

At only 18 years of age, Fij (as he has come to be affectionately called) is already a cult classic among the Monstercat fans. Even outside of that tight-knit circle, though, he has produced and remixed a wonderful variety of genres and styles. Now, as Fij begins to solidify his style along the lines of “vocal chops, piano, and tons of reverb,” exploring that style and making music his way is of top priority.
Thus we have “Yours Truly,” a deep and stirring garage tune made even more poignant thanks to vocals provided by the always magnificent Danyka Nadeau. The piano chords are tangibly heavy with emotion as they echo within the track, playing with the dulcet notes of Danyka’s voice and the somber bassline. In terms of pure emotion, this is one of the most beautiful songs that has ever come out of Monstercat.

Mr Fijiwiji’s Growing Up EP is available for pre-order now.