As you all know, we’ve entered the third round of the segment, Fresh Face Friday, with a new format. Instead of hosting one genre for the entirety of the round, we now feature a new genre each week. And for this first month of the new round, we have featured Trap, a remix round and some good old fashioned House. With all the talent that has been floating around in the past weeks, we have one final round to determine the winner of this month who will move on to the quarterly round.

Now take a moment to vote for your favorite Fresh Face Friday contestant of the month.

Rzgold – Champagne Papi

Rzgold is a duo from LA consisting of Andrew, the rap nerd son of a legendary Bay Area rave DJ, and Taylor, the half Korean soccer chick who’s been an all star freak dancer since 7th grade youth club nights. Though they both grew up in the Bay during Hyphy’s peak, it wasn’t till needing a distraction from their mindless 9-5 job in LA that they met and started making music. Bonded by a love for Weezy, Bay slaps, and turning up at Team Supreme and Athletixx events, the mixture of club and hip hop influences came naturally to their productions. One side sexy, one side sweaty twerking in the club till 4am, rzgold is bringing Bay Area trunk rattling to the LA beat scene. 

<3 rzgold

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ClimaxBeat’s remix of “Hadouken” by Zeds Dead

Andrew McWhinney is from Calgary, Alberta. Primarily producing in the Dubstep and Drum & Bass genres for 4 years, Andrew has experimented with multiple genres across the EDM spectrum including Trap, Electro House and others. Although he takes influences from everything he listens to (EDM, alt rock, jazz, etc.), Andrew’s main influences in the world of EDM today include Haywyre, Au5, Tomsize, and Skrillex. His style is a fusion of both uplifting, inspiring melodic elements and distorted, energetic basslines. His favorite part of production is being able to express his love of music through his own unique creations (sound design is his 2nd favorite, though).

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Chris Closer – Groovy Flex

A little mixture of all the genres of House make up Groovy Flex.

Chris Closer on Soundcloud

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