Avid and dedicated deadmau5 fans will always remember the Purrari, a Ferrari 458 Spider wrapped with a flashy and iconic Nyan Cat design. Sadly following some legal issues with Ferrari themselves deadmau5 was obligated to remove the skin and return the car to its original white color. Around the same time, deadmau5 decided to put the iconic car on the market for a hefty $380,000. Now it appears someone has finally acquired Joel’s pride and joy (note: it’s unclear whether the car was actually bought for that price) as the Canadian producer decided to take to social media to share his last few moments with his soon to be gone automobile. Joel Zimmerman was rather quick to get over his lost companion as he shared with his millions of fans that he will be replacing the Purrari with something even more outrageous…the Purracan.

That’s right, deadmau5 is currently looking into building a Lamborghini with the Nyan Cat skin. He’s even uploaded some pictures to give fans an idea of what it would look like.


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