Say hello to the newest label head – Henry Fong.

We here at YourEDM have a fond admiration for Mr. Fong, we even had him come do an exclusive mix for us back last June. His new label Banzai Records will serve what all other labels do, and that is to provide a creative outlet for Henry Fong to showcase the music that connects most closely with his personal style or mantra.

“Finally ready to show you guys a big project thats been in the works for the last year! Proud to announce that I’m starting my own record label called Banzai Records!

I’ve always wanted my own platform that I have full creative control over, that also really defines my sound. Sometimes I don’t want to feel pressured to make records that have to fit the mold of other labels in order to get signed. We have some great releases already lined up for this year from some talented up and coming producers, and we are going to kick it off with an original of my own!”

Henry Fong

You can check out the first track from the label now, from Henry Fong himself, titled “Le Disco.”

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