Mixed In Key is a company known for their key detection software, and they have recently released version 7.0 of their software which incorporates quite a few new updates. Just two of the new features are the ability of adding cue points to songs automatically, as well as a more streamlined UI. One of the greatest aspects of the new auto-cue points is that they do not only exist in the Mixed In Key program, but transfer over to Traktor or Serato.

I do a lot of DJing myself, and after getting into contact with with MIK team, I was able to secure a copy for review. So I downloaded the program, opened up Traktor, dragged my entire collection into the software, and let it do its thing. I’m happy to say the software works just as intended, and I can already see it improving and affecting my DJing. The key analysis, the main function of the software, was on point and accurate as expected; although the cue points weren’t the most helpful thing in certain songs, they did offer a good template that beats out Traktor’s default onecue point-per-track setup. Something I didn’t know until trying out the software was that it has its own built-in audio player that works fast and is terrific for visualizing tracks and understanding the energy levels of each song.

I think Mixed In Key, especially with this new update, is a lot like having sprinkles or chocolate sauce on your ice cream. Sure you don’t need them, but it’s difficult to argue that it doesn’t enhance the experience and overall enjoyment. If you have the money to spare, it’s never been a better time than now to buy and try out Mixed In Key.