Deadmau5 has taken to his Instagram to give us a teaser of the upcoming new music, titled Seven Virtues, and gives us a sneak peak at the new hardware he will be using. Resembling more of a crazy laboratory then a studio, Deadmau5’s new gear is made up of flashing lights, thousands of wires and 100% original sounds.

Deadmau5 is so open about the process in which he creates music that is has allowed for a more intimate relationship with his fans. Allowing his followers to be part of the process is almost allowing them to play a role in the story of its creation, making the final release more memorable and timeless to his hardcore fans.

Check out the preview of his new studio setup below:


Building an analog modular fort in the basement for the production of the Seven Virtues.

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So easy to just get lost in this shit.

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Testing crap out. Monitors, check!

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