Once again, London is taking preventative measures to ensure the safety of its citizens. In a recent report, select London nightclubs have recently teamed up with London Metropolitan Police to administer breathalyzers before entry. Officers are stating that attendees are showing up to venues excessively drunk, as a result of “pre-gaming” too hard before going out. Bouncers have been equipped with breathalyzers to use on attendees who look or act too inebriated in line, in the hopes of limiting the amount of confrontations between door staff and patrons who might be denied entry due to public intoxication. This isn’t the first time British officers have implemented preventative measures; drug dogs and metal detectors have already been used in prominent venues around the city to help minimize drug and alcohol related incidents. As the crackdowns on London’s nightlife scene continue, it will be interesting to see how dance culture changes as well.
Chief Inspector Gary Taylor stated the following on the new implementation and use of breathalyzers:

“The breathalyser helps to reduce the number of arguments when door staff refuse entry to someone who is intoxicated. In the past door staff would get involved in long arguments with people who were refused entry. People who were arguing with staff were more likely to accept the results of the breathalyser.”

H/T: Mixmag

Photo: AppsUnloaded