Welcome to another installment of our coveted Tech Selections series! This week, we head into the cool and experimental on the Tech House side from smashing artists such as Kaiserdisco and Anjunadeep star, Shur-I-Kan, before heading into the dubby areas of Techno with HollenManu Sanchez and more. Read on below to check out our top picks of this week!



1. 2000 And One- Tropical Melons (Kaiserdisco Sunrise Remix) [100% Pure]

Searching for the perfect Ibiza track is an unusual paradigm within the world of Dance, because while electronic music is stationed within its own established genres, the core sound of Ibiza is one that is culturally integrated amongst multiple styles of music. Rather than a singular genre of music, it is instead a common theme that evokes the atmosphere of the clubbing capital of the world with it’s low paired Tribal rhythms and tropical ideologies. In Kaiserdisco‘s stupendous Sunrise mix of 2000 And One‘s Tropical Melons, the story of Ibiza continues to unfold underneath the burning sun with subtle elements of Deep House, Tribal and Tech House underneath one roof.




2. Shur-I-Kan- Jazz Club (Max Graef Remix) [EleFlight Records]

We’re getting deep and dirty here on this week’s selections, as we uncover a dusty underground gem that capitalizes on House and Jazz for a fresh take on an old, classic sound. While currently smashing it on Anjunadeep with his recent EP of My Love and Feel Free, his incredibly Jazz-fueled single of Jazz Club was a fantastic experiment that blended Jazz into a 4×4 beat that surprisingly mixed well together, given that many artists aren’t bold enough to initiate such an experiment. Tech House technician Max Graef took it a step further and incorporated sexy piano stabs and a vinyl-esque feel throughout his interpretation to curate a wickedly hot track for any dance floor.




3. Joseph Vier & Lawrence Casal- Censored Nothing (Original Mix) [303 Lovers]

While venturing into uncharted territory with the first two tracks this week, we wanted to reel it back into the familiar grooves of Tech House for our last selection before digging our heels within Techno with this fantastic collaboration between Joseph Vier and Lawrence Casal entitled Censored Nothing, which will be released on the legendary 303 Lovers label of Luigi Rocca and Manuel De La Mare. The constant basslines are almost constructed as a pressure cooker that blasts a sonic wave of air through the subwoofers at every beat, while the cool, yet confident percussion arrangement keeps things moving at a constant, funky rate of time.




4. Hollen- Caballos Locos (Original Mix) [Bitten]

Translating into ‘Crazy Horse’, Hollen‘s brilliant Caballos Locos certainly bucks with bite and edge, as his signature Techno sound is thrown through a loop with a highly unusual timbral arrangement and eerie assortment of sounds. While the bassline is groovy and chunky, the rest of the orchestration is met with faint upbeat whines and a subtle ‘clicking’ synth that gives the piece a certain manic personality and a glint of insanity within its troughs. Of course, the usual percussion section is rocking and wild, but the combination between suspence, tension and full on groove is definitely pleasing to both the ear and to the body, (to dance).




5. Manu Sanchez- It’s Soil (Original Mix) [Florida Music]

As promised, we will be heading into the dubbier corners of Techno this week with a fantastic upcoming release by Manu Sanchez entitled It’s Soil, to be released on the enigmatic Florida Music. With a sound that reminds of of legendary Techno master Technasia, Manu Sanchez manages to incorporate a decidedly darker edge to his sound while keeping things nice and clean throughout the entire arrangement of the piece. In fact, one of the shining attributes to It’s Soil is the sheer polish that beams throughout the track, as its clean, yet enticing presentation is the cherry on top of this already storming Techno track. Wicked work here.




6. Antonio Valente- Mind Crush (Original Mix) [Tauten]

To finish off this week’s Techno selections, we have here a forthcoming single from Antonio Valente, (who has seriously been on fire as of late), with his upcoming single entitled Mind Crush. This is classic Techno at its finest with its sturdy, robust rhythmic constructions and a charging, rampant bassline/basskick combo, but it also takes many of its melodic cues from vintage Techno melodies with a cool, retro synth that dominates throughout the track’s breakdown. But just before the timeless sounds of old seek to consume the entire track in harmonious bliss, the track slams forward again with a vengeance before slowly adding in pristine synth stabs and increased groove as a whole.




Thanks once again for tuning into another weekly edition of Tech Selections here on Your EDM! Tune in next week as we choose the finest of the underground to broaden your musical tastes and to kick off your Saturday night right!


Keep the music alive. -Q


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