Don’t mistake my love for Dirtyphonics for some fleeting middle schooler’s crush, it ain’t that way. I straight up love everything these guys put out because everything they put out is incredible. Whether it’s thrash rock, trap, dubstep or dnb, the work they put into each every track is noticeable from the first chord and only continues to grow with every release.

It’s no secret that they’re coming out with an EP on the 17th titled Write Your Future. Heck, I wrote about it. And of course, my love for “Power Now” is well documented. So now, I have the opportunity to premiere the other track on the EP featuring vocalist Matt Rose and it’s so damn tasty. Rose has replaced his harsh and rigid vocals in “Power Now” for a more ballad-like, serene interpretation on “Since You’ve Been Gone.” And no, this isn’t some Kelly Clarkson shit. Dirtyphonics, the French trio, has made a downright delectable UK dnb track, and it purrs with utmost ferocity. There’s a restraint to it that’s appealing, while it still of course has the energy so present in every Dirtyphonics release. This track would feel right at home on Hospital Records, let’s say, right alongside some older Netsky, or Danny Byrd, or High Contrast.

Definitely keep your eye out for this EP when it drops on February 17th. And also be sure to catch Dirtyphonics on tour this month and in March.