You know those times when you don’t know you have a hole in your heart until it’s filled? Yeah, well… welcome to my f**king world, now.

It’s been 21 months since Dirtyphonics dropped their album Irreverence on us, and if you’re counting, that means 21 months since their last original track (not counting remixes). They waited until just about the end of the year before unleashing their latest creation upon us, for free no less, and this has instantly risen to be my top track of the year – far above the hardest trap, dnb or dubstep you can think of. Why? Because thrash.

We knew they had the capabilities, from “Walk In The Fire,” but “Power Now” featuring Matt Rose has taken the interest to intense, blossoming fruition. The intro is maybe just a little too long for my taste, but the vocal intro before the initial drop just builds suspense so perfectly. The dubstep drop is full of angst and energy, bringing to mind a metal show. Funny I should mention that, because then we get an absolutely hair-raising thrash breakdown that would impress any metalhead. It doesn’t stop there though. The next section switches it up to drum n bass before going into one final even more massive thrash breakdown at the end.

This is my favorite track of the year. Final answer.