Apashe… I mean, what else can I say? He has made a huge name for himself as a trvp lord and Lektrique has made a name for himself as well with his own brand of “electric madness.” Seeing the two together is an absolute pleasure, and even more so now that their collab track “Confess” has officially dropped. Rather than electro house, I’d give this the playful name sinner house, because once you listen to this, you’re going to need to give a confession.

How long since your last confession?

The beginning is ominous and eerie, playing off the typical organ chords heard in churches along with the church bells. The choir is a very nice touch, adding to the sanctimonious atmosphere. And then the electro chords kick in and you’re like “Okay, whoa…” The choir comes back and as the track rises and rises…….


I have never heard that synth before. It’s an utterly unique track, making use of both artists’ styles – Lektrique’s electro, Apashe’s wild and crazy horns – and to then go even further and layer the orchestral elements, just wow. The second drop goes even harder, and you can tell that’s mostly Apashe, as his second drops are always more balls out than the first.

The whole track is a unique new look at electro house. Grab it on iTunes now.