Hailing from the UK, the Disciples are a trio of producers who pride themselves on the time, effort, and patience that goes into each and every one of their tracks. Their latest single “They Don’t Know” is the perfect demonstration of that fact, as the clear, crisp composition is strengthened further by big, booming bass lines and deep, groovy melodies. “They Don’t Know” displays a rare kind of patience, slowly adding to the catchy vocal and synth loops before letting it drop in spectacular fashion.

As a part of the EP, mysterious French producer Sirus Hood has taken on the monumental task of remixing one of London’s iconic underground tracks of 2014, and has delivered a stunning result. In an homage to hip-hop, Hood’s remix takes the deep track into a g-house direction by loading it up with a bouncy, bass-heavy drum pattern, vocal edits, and more.

The remix pack is set to be released on Pete Tong’s FFRR Records on February 22nd, and you can check out Sirus Hood’s remix below!