Simply described as “deep, warm and atmospheric“, the over-encompassing sound of Clameres has been a boon throughout the deeper end of the EDM spectrum with his luscious atmospheric constructs and elegant artistry in detailed sound designs. He has been a resident favorite of Colorize off of Enhanced Music‘s family of labels with striking singles such as Nucleation and Stellar Wind; but this doesn’t mean he isn’t a stranger to other labels, as his cavernous sound has been featured on the top ‘Deep’ related imprints such as Silk and Macarize, (and even received an Enhanced Music release on their main label with his incredible remix to Soundprank‘s Flare. While the Clameres project is barely one year old, this Moscow wonder has been smashing it with his latest releases, and every subsequent tune that is produced by him seems to increase in both quality and clarity as his works steadily mature over time. Throughout his tenure, he has been supported by deeper acquaintances within the DJ community from esteemed artists such as Max Graham, Solid Stone, Thomas Datt, Matt Fax and more. After the smashing success of his remix to Silence Groove & LaMeduza‘s Capture, he marks his debut on the prestigious Intricate Cuts label for his brand new release which includes two golden singles of Craving and Spiral. While most dance websites would cover the A Side of any type of release, we here at Sunrise Sessions are actually are more attuned to the B-Side of Spiral due to the unpredictably gorgeous soundscapes and neat arrangements of unusually dark textures.

While many of Clameres‘ releases are more attuned towards a fresh revamp of the classic Deep House sound, this track departures from that common misconception entirely. In Spiral, he takes his ‘atmospheric’ attitude to new, literal heights, as his beautifully layered colors are arranged in such a way as to feel as though one is drifting through space, (especially through the latter part of the song). In the opening, a smooth, yet hearty bassline keeps things rolling along while maintaining a confident demeanor and stature around it as supplementing synth accompaniments strives to relay a fresh perspective on the rhythmic side of things. Rather than relying on groove as the main hook of Spiral, the main bassline instead sustains a cool elegance that not only elevates it towards the main forefront of the piece, but also serves as a fantastic backdrop for the other voices to gently float down up and nestle themselves into the pocket. One aspect of this track that I love is the effortlessly smooth transitions between each of the main sections, as the passage between the first section into the underwater realm of the breakdown is to handled with the utmost care and ease. With the assistance of twinkling sparkles that flash but for an instant in the breakdown, (alongside an interestingly busy main melody and sweeping, atmospheric pads), the breakdown slowly changes hands into an even deeper part of Clameres‘ arsenal of musical potentials as it slowly leads to the final release. Finally, the simple release of drums envelops us into deep space where the floating, drifting sensation of rhythm slowly pulls us away from reality and focuses our very essence to coordinate with the stellar deep basslines that permeate throughout the third and last section of the piece.

Clameres‘ single of Spiral is out now on Intricate Cuts via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent. Make sure to also check out Craving as well for a double dose of deep seated music for your pleasure.


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