When I first wrote about “Yours Truly” from Mr FijiWiji’s then forthcoming EP, I gave it a rather glowing review. Now that the Growing Up EP has been released, I still think of it as the climax of the work. Simply the level of production and depth of emotion place it within a select group of tracks that you might call timeless, or revolutionary.

The rest of the EP serves as a large accompaniment, building up emotion and sensitivity to the climax, but do not let that prevent you from truly appreciating those tracks in and of themselves.

Every track has brilliant production behind it, creating an immersive experience that holds you captive until the very end. The first and title track “Growing Up” features the only male vocalist on the EP, and follows a rather unique tempo. It’s almost like a double-time dubstep tune, sporting that kick-snare and wub pattern. Still, the bassline and mellow synths delivered a groove that anyone could easily fit into. That leads into the two tracks featuring Laura Brehm, “Beautiful” and “Evolution.” It’s nice to see the consistency between these two tracks, the same vocalist played one right after the other. The two flow into one another quite seamlessly, and the vocal effects put on Brehm’s voice keep the two from sounding too alike.

“Believe Her” featuring Meron Ryan is my second favorite track on the EP. The groove in “Growing Up” might have been present, but the groove in this one is just plain infectious. If I had to choose a quintessential dance track, something that made you get up and move, this would make the finals. And finally, we have “Yours Truly.” I don’t really know what else to say about it that I didn’t already say in my previous review. It’s the final track, an end of a journey, and Danyka Nadeau has never sounded more at home than behind these wonderful piano notes.

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