While many other esteemed labels have changed throughout the course of Trance’s decades long existence, there has been one inspiring duo that has fought hard to keep the true essence of Trance alive while striving to present a platform to expose new and exciting talent into the Trance community. The incredible talents of Solis & Sean Truby has been a gift and a vital resource in keeping Trance alive and well, and their own label of Infrasonic has done its best to set forth incredible young producers such as Morvan, Arkham Knights, Harry Square, Moonsouls and more to the forefront of innovation and talent. We here at Your EDM absolutely love the course that Infrasonic has taken of late, as they have truly been one of the only labels that have openly embraced their love of Trance with constant consistency and emotional clarity through each one of their releases. However, these two heroes also are fantastic producers of their own, and recent singles such as Skin Deep and Breakaway have earned them the right as one of the premier producers on the planet. After their remixes to Dash Berlin‘s Shelter and their upcoming rework of Markus Schulz‘s Winter Kills Me, the two have decided to reveal a special release on their Infrasonic imprint to open up some of their greatest singles for fresh remixes by Infrasonic regulars in their brand new ‘Best Of Collection Remixed‘ series. The first release is an electrifying remix by Arkham Knights of their emotional collaboration with vocalist Irina Makosh on Forever, which is a fiery track that kicks like a mule with its powerful intensity and relentless energy output. However, their second release on the Collections series is a bit of an intimate release, as the powerful, Uplifting talents of Ultimate has remixed their amazing vocal collaboration with Anthya on Timeless.

The reason why this particular remix is an intimate one is because Ultimate is an artist that simply knows how to get it done, and each one of his Trance releases continues to astonish me with its passionate craftsmanship on all things Trance. Eve though we’ve covered Ultimate before with his remix to Luigi Lusini‘s All I Want and his single of Once In A Lifetime, we simply cannot get enough of his personal Pure Trance sound. While his projects may not have the same energy and power and some of his contemporaries, his illuminating artistry in crafting gorgeous melodies and heart melting harmonies is second to none in my book. In his remix to Solis & Sean Truby‘s Timeless, he combines their extensive technical sound with his own to create pure magic, and the output on the personal impact of this track is enough to bring tears to the eyes.  Ultimate always seems to be at his prime when working alongside a vocalist, and his careful orchestration throughout the breakdown not only gives Anthya enough room to sing, but it also enhances her sound to the point where it squeezes out the maximum potential for emotional clarity. His haunting piano lines ring like sacred church bells in a reverberated hall of peace, and his beautiful pad work only intensifies the lingering weight of passionate artistry. Finally, with a ringing buildup that increases in both size and volume, he unleashes into a wondrous melody that is neither too hard nor too powerful, but instead gathers its power within a moment of pure vulnerability within one’s soul, and that alone is worth more to Trance than anything else in the world.

Ultimate‘s remix of Solis & Sean Truby‘s Timeless is out now on Infrasonic via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent! Make sure you also check out the stellar Arkham Knights remix of Forever too!


Keep the music alive. -Q




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