Astronaut burst onto the scene with glorious praise after their first track on Monstercat, and they have continued to time and time again release monster tunes. Not ones to be tied down to any genres, their catalogue ranges from dubstep to electrohouse and even some particularly harder sounds. This time around, they have teamed up with Kannibalen’s own Black Tiger Sex Machine – not only for the collab “Rockers,” but an actual EP out on Kannibalen.

In terms of hype, for the right fans, this is really one of the best releases of the year. To be honest, it’s always a little quirky when that’s said with the first three months of the year, but we’re serious here. 2015, Astronaut, Kannibalen and everyone else involved continues to impress without slowing down and it’s such a rush to ride along with them on this journey.

YourEDM had the opportunity to ask Astronaut some questions regarding the EP, their work with BTSM and their desire to get involved with Bollywood.

Check it all out below, and be sure to grab your copy of the Rockers EP.

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Festival season has its anthems every year and “Rockers” is likely to be one of 2015’s. This hyper-energetic electro original has all the components of being a hit, without any of those elements being watered down. It’s pure fire that will erupt a crowd in seconds. “Bounce” shares similar electro qualities, however the arrangement gets a bit more complex. These originals pack a one two punch that is not to be trifled with.

What made you guys want to release this EP with Kannibalen, as opposed to Monstercat?

I think it’s great to release on a variety of labels these days and we’re lucky enough to say that we have done. Monstercat is a great label and we also like to put a few tracks out on Disciple but I think the Kannibalen fan base will connect best with this release.

How did you get connected with BTSM for the collaboration?

We’ve been chatting with those guys for a while over skype just to share music and ideas… We had this track and just asked if they felt inspired to get involved and a couple months later a collaboration appeared.

You guys have had a ton of tunes remixed, will there be any coming along with this EP in the future?

We’ve had so many tracks of ours remixed like you say, but this year we want to focus on original music as much as we can and hold off on the remix packages for an indefinite amount of time. You might find one or two remixes of ‘Rockers’ appear online in a few months time but for Astronaut, we’re going to be focusing on original music for the time being.

Astronaut’s sound is so versatile. Was it easy to just bang out the collab “Rockers”?

Yeah the track came together pretty fast, even though we’ve actually been sitting on the original demo for the best part of a year. BTSM added their darker vibe to it and I think we’re all pretty happy with what came out in the end.

“Bounce” sees a really unique sound design among the electrohouse realm. Did it naturally evolve that way or was there a good amount of intent behind its creation?

“Bounce” was actually the first original track we made after re-locating from the UK to Los Angeles a few months back. Being in a new place can inspire you to make a different kind of music as you begin to explore and embrace new musical cultures. The bass sounds and vibe of this track are a lot darker than what we’ve been known to make up until now, and to us that feels like a breath of fresh air.

Are there any genres that you haven’t explored yet that you would like to in the future?

Bollywood influenced jazz.

What can we look forward to once the weather starts to warm up?

You can expect more originals from us, a lot of collaborations and less remix packages for the time being 🙂