Argonaut&Wasp is production pair from Vermont. Both products of a deep, eclectic musical upbringing, the duo effortlessly draws from ​funk, indie, and dance to create their signature groove. They have been described as “MGMT​’s brand of psychedelic indie pop meeting ​Kaytranada​’s world of R&B­ infused deep house with a little dose of funk for good measure.”

“The inspiration for 95 percent of the songs on the EP really comes from the same place. They’re like a ​coming of age story in a sense, both in growing as an artist as well as an individual,” Schibli says. “It’s about learning to find this confidence within yourself to stand up for your ideas and throughout the whole thing there’s this constant battling against yourself and eventually overcoming it.”

One part funk, one part dance, one part indie: ​Future Protocol  has a sound all its own.