The language of a DJ and producer is music. They have used beats and lyrics as a vessel for emotions that are hard to speak out loud for most of their life. Many of them actually find it easier to convey feelings through song, bringing forth the realization that creating music is the path they must take in life. If you seek to know the secrets of a DJ, let him talk to you in song.


Share with me a song that…

Defines love to you.

(this part in particular…)

Reminds you of friendship.

Has made you cry.

That makes you happy.

That makes you want to dance/party.

You have told all of your friends about.

You would play at a funeral.

You would play during the commercial of a NFL game.

You would play for your grandma.

You would send a crush.

Your mom wouldn’t be happy you listened to.

That would offend some people.

A friend has shared with you that you fell in love with.

Share me a good song for a son to play for his mother.

What song has made you a better person?

What song helped you out during a low point in your life?

Share me a song that embodies heartbreak to you.

What song reminds you of the best time of your life?

What song defines you?

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