Stop what you’re doing now, because you NEED to hear this latest remix by Jauz. You might hate to admit, but you know “Tip Toe Wing In My Jawwdinz,” by the hilariously eccentric rapper/singer?/personality Riff Raff. The original version has made its way into sets by some bold DJs, but Jauz has decided to put his filthy future bass house trademark on it, launching this track into the stratosphere. It’s just another home run for Jauz, who is peaking at the perfect time: with house becoming more mainstream, the dancey, but still energetic vibes from his music are exactly the change fans are looking for. In fact, he makes you almost forgive Riff Raff for misspelling most of the words in the title of this song. Almost. Check out this remix below, and download it for free on Soundcloud.