Snapchat’s most recent update allows you to continue streaming music on your device, whereas previously once you hit that record button, the audio would curiously cut out. Apps like Pandora, Soundcloud, or even your native music player would cut out leaving an eerie and unexpected silence.

On the surface, this is a rather moot update. It’s neat, yeah, but it’s not really something revolutionary or anything of the sort. It’s just a tweak of the API permissions and you’re right as rain. However, when you take into account how integral the application has become in the game of music promotion and marketing, the possibilities now seem endless.

Artists like Alesso, Diplo and Skrillex have used Snapchat to great effect for teasing tracks or even releasing full music videos. Snapchat has long been trying to break into the music industry, even going so far as to look into starting a label. This new update is the first solid evidence that, as an app, Snapchat is looking to actively be involved.

Questions about music licensing are still up in the air, though. As of now, the update has only been out for two days and licensing firms are likely rushing to formulate a response and plan to the new music sharing platform.

NMPA president David Isralite says: “Anytime a commercial application wants to use music in its for-profit operations there is a concern that the music is properly licensed and that songwriters are properly compensated. We are looking at this new Snapchat functionality to determine if it is properly licensed.”

So until those rules are defined, go wild.

As of right now, the update is exclusive to iOS, with no set release date for Android.


H/T: Flippen Music