The genre “Indie Dance” came about because it was a sound that was so hard to define, so people honestly just slapped the label on it – “Indie” because it sounded a bit like the indie-produced alt rock of the early 2000s, and “Dance” because, well…

7 Minutes Dead makes his first appearance since his collaborative EP with Varien on Mirai Sekai back in September last year. In this time, he has refined his sound and added layer upon layer of complexity, all while keeping his tunes neat and uncluttered. “The Divide” is a wonderfully dancey tune that makes use of flourishing, “playful riffs across the keyboard.” The sound is familiar, yet exciting and rejuvenating.

The vocals craft a soundscape that is out of this world while the chords are magnetic, keeping a hold of your attention until the very end. It’s very Daft Punk meets OVERWERK.

Check it out below.

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