Staying ahead of trends is half the battle in the music industry. The masterful producer/DJ, EDX, has been producing house music and experimenting for years, and has conjured up a stable following through a culmination of successful musical expeditions. From countless originals and remixes to his dependable weekly podcast, No Xcuses, to worldwide touring and his residency at LiFE in Las Vegas, the established producer has built a name for himself amongst fans and industry leaders, and truly made waves as he became one of the best selling artists on Beatport in 2014 – #2 best selling in Deep House and #8 overall.

In 2014, EDX’s top-charting singles included “Cool You Off,” “Breathin’,” “Make Me Feel Good,” and more. Each of which contributed to this producer’s evolving artist image, and played a pivotal role in his Beatport success. With the recent shift from big room to more groove-driven styles, EDX’s portfolio of recent tracks demonstrates his position ahead of the deep house curve that is still fully coming to fruition in the states. Since his musical roots originate back in the European club scene that was built on groovy house cuts made for the dance floor, he saw this as his calling and began to experiment, crafting his deep house sound with characteristics carried over from his more progressive works.

His head start on the deep house wave not only put him in a power position for this upcoming year, but helped skyrocket his 2014 singles into the spotlight. The top 10 of Beatport is what every artist strives for when releasing a track. For EDX, it is not because he wants the fame and fortune, but it is because he wants to make a living off his true passion of making music. Every release last year fell into place and naturally reached its full potential.

“Cool You Off” blazed its way to the top of Beatport, “Make Me Feel Good’” spawned an heart-wrenching dance floor favorite, and “Breathin’” became a top choice for high-profile DJs like Nicky Romero. Each track embodied its own personality and contributed to EDX’s soaring career, but there were also several other releases like his Collateral Effects EP that helped propel him even further in 2014. After years of working towards the top, EDX has stayed on his upward trajectory and will continue on this path with the way trends are progressing. With an unshakable position in the deep house landscape, EDX illustrates his role as a frontrunner of house scene by becoming one of Beatport’s best selling artists of 2014, playing sold-out shows on his on-going Progression of Sound US Takeover Tour, and securing a performance at Ultra Music Festival Miami this year.

For 2015, EDX managed to lock in another Beatport chart-topper, his remix of “Uruguay” by Nora En Pure & Sons of Maria, and he has already teased his next original, “Remember House,” that mixes his knowledge of dance from yesterday and today. He continues to push the limits by going above and beyond with each venture he takes on. EDX is a veteran that deserves recognition with his strong international influence and tenacity for success in doing what he loves.

H/T: BP Top Tracker (Deep House/Overall)