Phoebe Ryan’s “Mine” is characterized by Ryan’s sweet and sultry voice accompanied by an indie pop beat that keeps you swaying and grooving for the full nearly-four minutes. It’s quite anthemic with powerful drums and even more powerful lyrics. The dulcet vocals are ripe for remixing, much like Ellie Goulding’s or Banks’ were when they first surfaced. We’re bringing your attention to just two of these remixes, equally stunning yet absurdly different.

These remixes come to us courtesy of Illenium and LYNOS, bringing us a melodic dubstep and indie dance remix, respectively.

First up is Illenium. My love for this dude is not any kind of secret – I’ve been a long-time supporter of his. And you want to know why? Quality. Plain and simple, Illenium delivers each and every time. His remix for “Mine” is no different. He makes use of the original rhythm and vocals to create a sort of alt melodic track that has qualities of indie/alt pop while still retaining that distinct melodic dubstep sound. It’s a wonderful take on the original, keeping it straight while adding his own spin on it. It’s a difficult feat for any producer to inject their own style into a track while keeping the original salient and present, but Illenium does it here like it was his morning routine.

Next up, we’ve got LYNOS with the indie dance interpretation. This remix is a lot more house than Illenium, and a lot more pop than the original. It’s an upbeat flurry of plucks and stabs and I love it. While the other two are more of the sway and groove styles, LYNOS makes me want to get up and move. Once again, though, the original rhythm and lyrics are used masterfully in conjunction with the newly formulated sound. This remix would feel at home in most any setting or set, channeling influences from tropical house, future bass or indie dance. My one gripe is that the track could be mastered a little better – there’s still a small amount of ambient noise in the mix that detracts from the experience.

You can download both remixes for free below.

Illenium | LYNOS