Oakland native, Intellitard, is back with an extra crunchy serving of purple beat salad. He even brought a side helping of glitchy grime sauce to top it all off, because that’s just the way he operates.

If you can’t already tell, his latest EP is wonky and weird and it tickles us in all the right places. Mental Vacation is a perfect title, as Intellitard‘s hypnotizing rhythms and addictive grooves will have you zoned out into your own inner world in no time flat. This is a definite follow-up to the style he developed on his last EP, Chocolate Unicorn Music; shimmering off-beat synth notes are meshed effortlessly with juicy, glitched out midrange growls that chug along over light, fluttering drum patterns. Most impressive here is the sound design; his tunes have never sounded so full and rich as they do on this album.

Intellitard has released the Mental Vacation EP via Street Ritual, one of the Bay Area’s primary forward-thinking bass music labels. This is his second official release with them and it is available for purchase on their Bandcamp. Check out the full stream after the jump and grab a copy of your own if you’re feeling the vibes!


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PS — if you’re a Bay Area bass-head yourself, you can catch Intellitard performing live alongside AMB and a stellar cast of locals tomorrow night at Wormhole Wednesday!