One time at an Adventure Club show, someone called their music “Lovestep.” Though it was a completely superficial genre, I realized that it was the best way to describe Christian and Leighton’s brand of melodic dubstep, especially their remixes. They have an innate ability to bring out the proper emotion in all their tracks, usually with a delicately crafted piano melody.  MS MR are an eccentric, indie pop electronic duo with a vocalist that truly belongs in more dance music tracks. Adventure Club enhances Lizzy Plapinger’s haunting lyrics with a well placed sublayer of vocal glitches and a hint of reverb. Slowing down the tempo and taking out the drums fully submerges the track into the darkness the original carefully hovered over. If you’re a fan of classic Adventure Club tracks like “Gold” and “Crave You,” you’ll know all the words to “Hurricane” before you go to bed tonight. The remix is available for free on Soundcloud: