Mord Fustang’s light-hearted original just got an unexpected, raging spin. With heavy drops and massive synths, Tripxudio tries to break your speakers with this insane dubstep remix. The track opens with classic Mord production, and keeps you bouncing to his happy-house style sound design. As the drum track adds some complexity, however, you start to wonder what’s coming next. The massive build perfectly reveals the intensity of the drop, with some piercing wubs and a delayed sub-bass that give you that “angry-face” we all know and love.

Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, Tripxudio (pronounced Trip Audio) is bringing a wave of various genres to the Southern scene. Playing with the likes of Branchez, Loudpvck, and Zomboy, he is expected to make huge moves in 2015. Check out the remix below and you will know exactly what I’m talking about.