So here’s an interesting story. You might be familiar with the Scissor Sisters, who aren’t actually sisters, at all. The name came from the act of… well, if you’re older than 15 and don’t live under a rock, I don’t need to spell it out for you.

The point is, long-time guitarist Del Marquis of the Scissor Sisters has another side production group called Slow Nights, and they’re coming out with their second album this year. For this album, Living In A Dark World, the other members of Slow Knights (Xavier Smith, Bridget Barkan, Mykal Kilgore & Rod Thomas) co-wrote all the songs with Marquis.

‘Just Kiss’ provides the R&B sweet-spot for the record, with lyrics about attraction & anger bubbling up over trap beats and Minneapolis-style synths. ‘Just Kiss’ is a song about how it feels when the only thing keeping two people together is physical attraction and all other connection breaks down.

This is a little less EDM and a little more traditional music than our readers might be used to, but the production alone warrants it a place on this site.

Living In A Dark World is out April 20th as a digital download & CD

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