I was just thinking to myself, “Hunh, I haven’t heard anything from PRFFTT & Svyable lately.” So I go on their Soundcloud and they released a remix 9 days ago! Quelle surprise!

It turns out that 1/2 of the team, Sam, has started up his solo project under Samuel Proffitt and already has an EP out, so I’m not sure how much new music we’ll be getting from the duo, but this one was certainly a surprise. From what I can see, this is the newest PRFFTT & Svyable track since their remix of “Monster” last May. And what an absolutely astonishing way to come back.

This melodic dubstep tune is straight crème fraîche, you just want to put it on everything. Ryn Weaver’s unadulterated voice is one of the best things I’ve heard in melodic dubstep in recent memory. Her purposefully strained voice drives so much emotion into every one of her own works, and meshes so perfectly with melodic dub that it’s a wonder something like this hasn’t been done sooner. The only remix comparable is Cashmere Cat’s, though in my opinion, PRFFTT & Svyable’s blow his out of the water with a ballistic cruise missile. This remix is so astoundingly powerful that I wonder how they aren’t bigger or how no one else has written about this.

This remix stands up to the best melodic dubstep producers and stares them straight in the face. Be careful Illeniums and Seven Lions of the world, PRFFTT & Svyable are on the prowl.