Welcome to another stellar edition of Your EDM‘s weekly Tech Selections series! This week, we check out a cool Deep House single while heading into some classic Tech House grooves before wading knee deep into 303 lines and some dusty, yet essential Techno cuts. Finally, we crank the tempo down for some sexy vibes courtesy of Stefan Z. Read on below to find out our weekly picks of the week!



1. Kyodai- Can You Hear The Beat (Spiritchaser Remix) [Muak Music]

To kick things off, the cool, confident duo that comprise of Spiritchaser reworked a stellar Deep House cut of Kyodai‘s single, Can You Hear The Beat, and its classic, lounge-like feel is perfect for setting the mood for any occasion. While the breakdown may suggest something entirely different, these two waste no time in immersing the listener in a chugging groove that is steeped in funky vibes and chilled, yet refreshing melodies.




2. Franz Gomez- Wild Shaker (Original Mix) [WILD Records]

While digging through my extensive Tech House library, I happened to come across this great gem that was the sound of Tech House 2-3 years ago with its sunny, summery vibes and techy, yet disco-flaired design. While the name and the label may be unknown to many, the tune itself is filled with class, and it’s always good to have these hidden gems packed away for a special day. Filled with quirky, yet iconic samples/vocals and a bouncy bassline that instantly sticks to the head, it’s a jamming tune that’s perfect for the poolside.




3. Toddla T Sound- Acid (Original Mix) [Defected]

Coming off the tail end of the previous track, we now grit our teeth and dive into the grime with some filthy acid lines courtesy of Toddla T Sound off of Defected. This is a greasy as it gets, as an evolving 303 line does its damage while wonky vocal cuts and a stomping percussion section kicks things off with a raw, overall texture. What’s particularly delicious about this piece are the vocals that clash with the acid lines and the different, sonic possibilities that this cornerstone synth can truly accomplish.




4. Hector- The Thrill (Original Mix) [Inmotion Music]

Now that we are properly warmed up with the last three tracks, we want to introduce you to a dusky old track that continues to shine in its vintage glory with Hector and his single of The Thrill. While this track is not as old as it sounds, Hector nevertheless stays faithful to the older sounds of Chicago Techno with its chunky hi-hats and thumping basslines, (with some additional iconic string holds for good measure). Definitely a good pickup for either peak time or afterhours sets.




5. Slam- Cadence (Original Mix) [Paragraph]

Truly a huge Techno tune in its own right, the mighty Cadence by Techno legend Slam stays true to his name and immerses us into a slamming track that features one of my all time favorite basslines. These are the kinds of basslines that just slap you across the face with no remorse and proceeds to stomp you to the ground with extra force and might upon each hit. Along with some odd sampling and some pristine hi-hat action, this thumping track with leave you flattened on the pavement. RELENTLESS!




6. Stefan Z- Nova (Original Mix) [Rhombus]

We here at Tech Selections are going to try something new for the last track, as we wanted to feature an unusual, ‘left field’ track that defy categorization  while still keeping it underground for our series. Therefore, the last track for every installment will feature a unique track that is different than either Tech House or Techno. This week, it’s Stefan Z‘s single of Nova, and the slowed down BPM of this track almost hits itself into Indie Dance range. However, this is a groovy, jacking tune that combines subtle elements of Tribal, Deep House, Nu-Disco and more into one seriously slick package.




Thanks once again for tuning into another packed installment of out weekly Tech Selection series! Check back next week as we grab the best underground gems available in order to start your Saturday night off right.


Keep the music alive. -Q


Welcome to Tech Selections! This feature will be a special series from Andrew Quigley that’s purely dedicated to the underground of EDM. Every Friday, we will hand pick some of the latest releases from quality labels and relive some of the world’s hottest, underground tunes. Our goal is to share a diverse collection of talents and sounds from the past and the present to discover new and exciting music for you.