Ever see those “ID – ID” tags in a tracklist and just rack your brain worrying about who it is? If you’re the type that is prone to obsessive tendencies, you might want to lay off of this mix for a while.

For the rest of you, I honestly don’t even know why you’re still reading this. Normally the Soundcloud link will go at the end of the article but this is just so special that I’m going to put it right up front.


Stop reading.

Fans of the first SNAILEDIT Mix, “Coming To America,” will for sure have their minds blown by “Welcome To Slugz City”. Tracklist aside, the transitions and mixing itself is worthy of praise as Snails maneuvers between tracks seamlessly. And while the various ID’s are still, at present, unaccounted for, we can pick out some good ones.

At 1:50 is Skrillex‘s new “Badman” remix of The Ragga Twins, a hellish dubstep tune that sounds an awful lot like the style used in his and Trollphace’s remix of “Burial.” At 26:57 is a new Snails track titled “I Need U,” still not sure if that’s a collab or not.  At 28:55 is an epic trap remix of the classic DnB tune “Mr. Happy” by DJ Hazard that could be an updated version of Plastician’s “Mr Trappy Rmx”. At 33:13 is Snails’ forthcoming collab with Big Gigantic. At 42:00 is an ID remix of “Pump This” by Snails & heRobust; we have an idea who the remixer is, but we’re not telling. Though, personally, I’m most excited for the DnB tunes at 23:05, which could be called “Deeper Love,” & at 24:53, a heavy neuro tune.

Suffice it to say, I missed a good portion of tracks but I’ll let you guys figure them out on your own from here out.

-ID Artist Names Revealed at 150k plays
-ID Track Names Revealed every 25k after that

To celebrate this momentous mix, I asked some of our staff to come up with their best filthy metaphors for how the mix made them feel/react. Warning: Some of these metaphors may be upsetting.

“snailed it mix volume 2 encompasses heavier vomit than the biomass dumpster outside the New York Presbyterian hospital bulimia ward” – Ben Jacobs
“this mix is dirtier than the skidmarked underwear of a sweaty pre-teen during hour 18 of his WoW tournament” – Peter Rubinstein
“This Snailed It mix is grimier than the jock strap of a roid rager completing a Tough Mudder event.” – Paige Endykiewicz
“SnailedIt vol 2: More climaxes than a Paris Hilton sextape” – Kay Spence
“Fuck” – Lucas Sachs
“#SlugLife” – Diane Tamulavage